Valentino Resort 2014

When I saw the entire collection I could not stop thinking about what I could wear (of course if I had a lot of moeny) for the wedding that I attended 2 days ago. It was mixed ceremony (half British, half Polish) with folk accents. I would wear first line for the wedding and second one for the next day - more casual.

The entire collection here

Wishlist #2

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Oh I wish I had this pieces. When I think about this clothes I imagine myself at the circus, having fun, eating popcorn or cotton candy.

Wishlist #1

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Things I wish I had in my wardrobe right now. Everything is from Monki, haha. It was really hard to pick up what I want (because I don't have a lot of money to buy everything I like/want to buy and I'm only dreaming about this clothes). 
I'm in love with so many pieces from the new collection that I can't stop thinking about how to get more money.